NextKast Internet Radio Automation Software
NextKast BROADCAST Version
Perfect solution for FM, HD RADIO, AM or Advanced Internet Radio Broadcaster

NextKast Pro
  • Designed for Advanced Internet and Terrestrial Broadcasters
  • Priority USA based Phone Support
  • Free Remote Voice Tracking Apps(PC and MACos[beta] version Available) Included
  • Merge Traffic Logs from Natural Log and Others
  • Automated VTJob Export and Import with Talent Scheduling
  • Sweeper scheduling
  • Daypart Seperation for Music Scheduling
  • Artist and Title Repeat Times Override per Category
  • Sound Card Routing For Players/Studio/FX
  • Playlist and Rotation Rendering and auto FTP Upload
  • Playlist Macros to Include break notes, hooks, line in for satelite feeds etc..
  • Imaging Categories can rotate as sweepers
  • Ability to attach URL as stream or remote file to any audio file
  • Ability to override play length of any track
  • Sub-filtering by Genre, Gender, Tempo, and Features when creating Rotations (clocks)
  • Ability to include categories into a playlist
  • Custom Feature Requests Available
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6/30/20 1:00 PM Version:

New Features
1. New display track position on play button(ALL)
2. Added commercial break merging for Marketron and Natural Log(BX)
3. added option to manually merge traffic from an already created playlist(BX)
4. added ability to repick track from playlist builder in generated hours(ALL)
5. on import of tracks duplicates are now allowed and just renamed(ALL)
6. added 'Repick Off' option in settings to prevent NK from trying to repick missing tracks(BX/PRO)
7. added ability to merge traffic from externally generated playlist like Music Master(BX)
8. Shortened update time to instant when updating a active on air playlist in vt editor or manager(BX/PRO)
9. TimeSyncForce will now show force time in loaded playlist(BX)
10. automatically check for mergeTraffic commands and favor merge playlist macro for hour(BX)
11. When nk discovers newly externally placed wav file track (ftp or copy) it will extract cart chuck data(ALL)
12. Ability to send tracks in a category from Nextkast to MusicMaster using Nexus(ALL)
13. Added secondary silence detect option in advanced settings to detect silence on linein(BX/PRO)
14. Show internet stream buffer state with circle progress display on play button(ALL)
15. Added stopLinein, setvolume playlist macros(BX)
16. Added option to disable FTP when using podcast render(BX/PRO)

1. fixed bug where if stream tries to load but can't because of connection issues, causing a memory leak.(ALL)
2. Fixed Bug when dragging files outside of Nextkast into active rotation or playlist(ALL)
3. Better handling of TCP voicetracking when there is an intermittent internet connection(BX)
4, Manager defaults to preview for sample buttons as in previous versions(ALL)
5. set sweep start marker to instant ( was 3 seconds) if track intro not marked(ALL)
6. Improved functionality where certain hours could be mostly playlist Macros(BX)
7. Properly display time length of Playlist Macros in Rotation mode(BX)
8. fixed track preview on server installs running windows server 2016 with no sound card when rdp connecting with sound card(ALL)
9. Fixed silence detect logging when running in no sound card mode(ALL)

Change Log:

2/2/20 5.9.52

New Features

1. added preload time option in broadcast version
2, updated weather API and allowed it to work internationally
3. Refined render playlist feature and allowed functionality in Pro version (podcast uploader)
4. added superSetting dialog found in the adv button in settings
5. Added a catch feature if a soundcard is disconnected
6. added ability to uniquely mark nextstart in playlist (segue editor)
7. Added more ability for getting mp3 from websites, improved results
8. Music Master Integration (Broadcast Version)
9. Lastplayed column in the search window
10. Allowed for static inserted tracks in rotations to come form different network paths
11. implemented graphical clock display as well as estimated time on for each category listed in rotation builder
12. added undo in playlist builder
13. added silence detector that will send email when silence is detected
14. Added Affiliate mode in BX version that makes network syndicated stations a breeze(different commercials and imaging, same content and vt's)
15. Affiliate mode can also record airchecks and store locally
16. Allow a double click on inserted static files in rotations to view inserted file (BX version)
17. allowed affiliate mode to live record to local directory (BX version)
18. added the ability to easily create a playlist that will automatically play out at specified date and time without the need to schedule (BX version)
19. Ability to manually set listen port for Music Master nexus integration (BX version)

1. removed erroneous keypress error being logged
2. removed nkManager loading sound DSP processor
3. Fixed loadIntoAvailable player so tracks times display correctly
4. Added more logging when files are missing during song picking
5. fixed sweeper timing to intro to account for set start positions
6. Improved RadioDJ database import /added mariaDB import option
7. Fixed 'no sweeper' entry missing if no sweepers are present
8. fixed bug if VT played one track before last in hour or if hour transitions while song is transitioning
9. fixed erroneous master volume set by VT module
10. improved VT module upload message to ensure vtJob was imported
11. fixed drag and drop of external files in playlist builder
12. fixed Voicetrack recording rename when recrding voicetrack on using record vt button
13. Fixed silence trim on remote/network asset files.

14. allowed Weather API key to be deleted by pressing cancel when clicking on temperature
15. restored function that would automatically mark vt's that are not marked with cue points by voice talent
16. added more safety to noise Gate function in mic in case sound card is lost
17. fixed erogenous error when deleting categories and then editing or creating new rotation
18. Improved search database accuracy
19. Sped up search , was slowed by adding last played data display bug
20. Fixed case where if a track file is replaced or deleted by external file method (no within NK) it would not refresh the first time loading
21. Improved voicetrack and segue re-marking and adjust methods
22. improved wav tag import if artist ir title is blank
23. allowed forced setting to work in generated playlist mode
24. fixed verify re-writing tags of wav files
25. Refined Natural Log Merging
26. Allowed timed playlist macros to add to total time of playlist in Rotation Builder

4/4/2020 10:00 AM Version: 5.9.72
  • Web Request Feature
  • Serial Trigger using Broadcast Tools contact closure units or compatible
  • Resize Scheduler Window and Improved workflow
  • Many Playlist Macros Added
New Features
1. Added Ability to receive input triggers from Broadcast Tools Input Boards (SRC-16 Plus,SRC-4 , and other compatible serial remote control devices) (BX)
2. Added WebRequest feature, user can embed web request feature on website and NK will insert request automatically(BX)
3. added playlit macros start and stop serial listen, launchexe, sendHttpCommand, sendSerialCommand, switchToManualAndLineInOn(BX)
4. Auto Export of vtJobs when Importing External playlist from SPL, MusicMaster, and others(BX)
5. Resizable Scheduler Window(ALL)
6. added encoder start and stop playlist macro
7. Sample buttons default to live on startup

1. Improved Natural Log merging (BX)
2. Improved how nk handles rebroadcasting stream when there are network faults(ALL)
3. On show tracks in category, if there are duplicates message box only comes up once(ALL)
4. Better .wav and other audio file tag handling(ALL)
5. Improved user process in scheduler to make more user friendly(ALL)