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Simplify Your Radio Automation System

Music Scheduling, Traffic, Audio Processing, Playout, Remote VT, Remote Management, All in one simplified system

Discover the unparalleled advantages of NextKast OnAir, specifically tailored for FM/AM radio automation:

  • Put an End to Overpriced Radio Automation

 Nextkast Delivers High-Quality Radio Automation and Scheduling Solutions at Contemporary Prices, Offering Exceptional Value to the Market.

  • You OWN IT!

Escape the Cycle of Never-ending Radio Automation Software Leases; With Nextkast, You Secure Ownership of Your Software for Added Peace of Mind. This also ensures that network outages will not affect your software license.

  • All-Encompassing Solution

This version provides an all-inclusive package, encompassing Automation Playout and Macros, Music Scheduling, Traffic Scheduling, and essential plugins, eliminating the need for multiple software solutions.

  • Migration Assistance

 Transitioning to NextKast OnAir is seamless, thanks to included migration assistance that simplifies the process of shifting from your previous system.

  • Minimal Training

 The interface is thoughtfully designed for simplicity, requiring minimal training. Your team can quickly adapt and operate with confidence.

  • Reliable Customer Support

 With on-demand Customer Service, you’re never alone. Our migration and customer support staff is readily available to assist you whenever needed.

  • Robust Performance

 Enjoy uninterrupted broadcasting with features like Play out, Encoders, Sound Processing, and Serial Trigger – all seamlessly integrated to enhance your FM radio automation experience. The software is written for optimal efficiency, avoiding the inclusion of bulky, unnecessary third party libraries that consume unneeded space and CPU resources. Consequently, Nextkast doesn’t require an expensive supercomputer to deliver high performance.

  • Backup and Cloud Integration

 Safeguard your station’s setup and content with easy backup options. Seamlessly integrate with cloud drives for efficient sharing of music assets.

  • Time-Saving

 NextKast OnAir not only streamlines your operations but also saves you valuable time, allowing you to focus on creating engaging radio content.

  • Enterprise-Quality

Elevate your FM radio station’s quality with enterprise-grade features, guaranteeing captivating broadcasts that can replace satellite syndication for live radio programs delivery

Experience NextKast OnAir’s unmatched capabilities that transform FM radio automation into a streamlined, efficient, and high-quality endeavor.

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Reliable, Stable and Efficient

Nextkast employs a robust system that stores all metadata and structure within the secure Windows file system. This approach minimizes the risk of file corruption, which could otherwise disrupt station setup and operations. Moreover, this design facilitates the convenient backup of an entire station onto a single USB drive, encompassing all audio files. Additionally, Nextkast seamlessly integrates with cloud drives, simplifying the sharing of music assets whenever required.

All In One Solution, No Extra charge for ALL the features you NEED

We believe in giving you the most complete ALL IN ONE solution to get your station up and running. No surprise charges for the features you need, Play out, Music Scheduling, Encoders, Sound Processing, Voice Tracking,  Serial Trigger and much more is ALL included.  No need to worry about it, we have you covered from start to broadcast!

BUILT IN Simplified Traffic or Merge Traffic/Advertising From Natural Log and Others

Easily Merge Advertising Logs from systems like Natural Log, Marketron and others. Custom integration available. Need to add a commercial last minute no problem. nextkast onAir can do real time updating and re-merging of logs.

Powerful Remote VoiceTracking and Live Hosting

VoiceTracking (remote and in studio), configure via files sharing, Web browser based MobileVT, TCP direct connection or even email. Allows editing and updating of current on air hour, built in multi layer-able audio FX buttons for background track,sound effects, music beds, etc.

Live Remote Radio hosting with our goLive feature, live host using most web browsers from anywhere. (reliable and 100mb+ Internet connection required) SSL secure connection available.

Live Assist

Live Assist (Manual) Mode For Live Radio, External Search Window for Inserting tracks Live. Voice tracks and audio tracks can also be inserted or updated in the current hour

Quick Sweepers, Fast Transitions, Supreme Audio Quality

Because Our Audio Engine is specifically designed for demanding use, we use as many players as needed to ge the job done. Quick transitions are not a problem. The entire audio chain in completely digital, providing a pure, clean and superb sound experience

Built In support for creating Station Networks that Share content

Nextkast has built in support to have 1 main station with music, imaging, ads, and Voicetracks, and then syndicate that content to many other stations all playing local imaging and commercials. One main content provider can be shared in many markets with each affiliate having the ability to localize needed content.

Quickly Mark Cue Points

Quickly mark cue points on import window(without having to open a new window) or choose to double click on track and view a larger waveform view to more precisely markcue points. Because meta data is stored in tracks, tracks can be marked and then easily be distributed to multiple stations.

Playlist Macros for Satellite Programs and Others

NextKast has several powerful playlist macros available when creating rotations. These macros allow for greater control of your playlist with  custom track play based on criteria, Satellite programming,  traffic merging at exact position, live breaks (turn on mic and count down). We have implemented this feature to be less technically challenging but still very powerful.
Satellite Programming Clock

Livewire Software Partner

NextKast OnAIr version supports using the Axia Line of network based audio card as well as integration with GPIO triggering and Source Switching from Software. Contact us for more details.

Enhanced MusicMaster Nexus Integration (onAir Version Only)

We have fully implemented  Nexus Integration with, a industry leading scheduling software which provides real-time access to MusicMaster’s database and scheduling intelligence.

RDS Ready - Up to date RDS Support

With flexible RDS support and setup, make sure you are using the full potential of your FM station by sending out meta-data and other messages via our simple to configure RDS output.

Lets Talk! - USA Based Support and Custom Features Available

As an innovation driven Radio Automation company we are willing to work with you to achieve the technical needs you require to create amazing radio. Feel free to contact us with your custom needs…
Lets Talk!

un-comparable value to cost ratio

Full Radio Automation Playout, Scheduling, Triggering and more!

Fast Setup

Our unique process does not require time consuming processing or procedures when importing music.. It’s the fastest in the industry

No Hidden Costs

We provide a complete solution, no hidden costs for the features you need.

Innovation Driven Approach

You may notice we do things a bit different when it makes sense, we are innovation driven

Customer Driven

From our very start our approach has been to deliver a product and features our customers ask for. With 1000+ delighted customers and growing we continue with this passion.

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