Perfect solution for FM, HD RADIO, AM or Advanced Internet Radio Broadcaster

NextKast BROADCAST Version

  • Designed for Advanced Internet and Terrestrial Broadcasters
  • Priority USA based Phone Support
  • Included Fully Automatic Remote Voice Tracking Apps(PC[available now] and MACOS[beta] version Available) Included
  • Merge Traffic Logs from Natural Log and Others
  • Automated VTJob Export and Import with Talent Scheduling
  • Sweeper scheduling
  • Daypart Separation for Music Scheduling
  • Artist and Title Repeat Times Override per Category
  • Sound Card Routing For Players/Studio/FX
  • Playlist and Rotation Rendering and auto FTP Upload
  • Playlist Macros to Include break notes, hooks, line in for satellite feeds etc..
  • Imaging Categories can rotate as sweepers
  • Ability to attach URL as stream or remote file to any audio file
  • Ability to override play length of any track
  • Sub-filtering by Genre, Gender, Tempo, and Features when creating Rotations (clocks)
  • Ability to include categories into a playlist
  • Custom Feature Requests Available

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