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NextKast onAir Terrestrial Radio Version

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    • Designed for Terrestrial Broadcasters
    • Priority USA based Phone Support
    • Included Fully Automatic Remote Voice Tracking Apps(MobileVT (tablet, phone or computer)  PC[available now] and MACOS[beta] version Available) Included
    • Built in streaming Encoders
    • Merge Traffic Logs from Natural Log, Marketron and Others
    • Trigger using external Serial Commands from Satellite etc.
    • Full Music Master Nexus integration
    • Ability to use in an Affiliate configure system (custom imaging and ads per affiliate, same main program)
    • Separate Online content ads and sweepers
    • Automated VTJob Export and Import with Talent Scheduling
    • Sweeper scheduling
    • Daypart Separation for Music Scheduling
    • Artist and Title Repeat Times Override per Category
    • Sound Card Routing For Players/Studio/FX
    • Playlist and Rotation Rendering and auto FTP Upload
    • Playlist Macros to Include break notes, hooks, line in for satellite feeds etc..
    • Imaging Categories can rotate as sweepers
    • Ability to attach URL as stream or remote file to any audio file
    • Ability to override play length of any track
    • Sub-filtering by Genre, Gender, Tempo, and Features when creating Rotations (clocks)
    • Ability to include categories into a playlist
    • Custom Feature Requests Available

    Version 6.5.4 – 6.5.5 (05/15/24-5/25/24)

    fixed issue of missing meta data when importing new configuration from Local Radio Networks
    fixed natural log traffic reconciliation in some edge cases

    Version 6.5.2 (03/31/24)

    Fixed Improved long term stability for real time downloader to include its own dedicated thread and extra fail safes Improved LRN new track arrival when new system is set up and no tracks are in categories Fixed MusicMaster Nexus error when tracknumber is not assigned…

    Version 6.5.0 (2/16/24)

    refined game/event scheduler to adhere to duration when needed,
    added new rules option in rotations to allow for limiting track back 2 back and total in hour of certain types
    Much More!

    Version 6.4.88 (12/03/23)

    12/03/2023 Version 6.4.88 Fixed fix traffic tag loss when updating track regular meta data fix natural music log import to preserve category colors Fixed issue when setting Play As Voicetrack on Category Creation (only allowed after category creation) fixed click that could sometimes be heard…

    Version 6.4.86 (9/6/23)

    NextKast Main Fixed/New New double line display in Playout and search windows and improved GUI appearance Playlist macro window opens in center os screen Updated audio processing engine and enhanced expander Added playout only mode and option to size text in playout screen (settings->adv) added…

    Software Release Notes – Version 6.4.84 (8/9/23)

    We’re excited to present the latest release of our software, packed with enhancements, fixes, and new features that are designed to elevate your experience. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new: Fixed Issues: Resolved the issue where moving between categories in mobileVT failed to refresh the…

    Version 6.4.8 (06/7/23)

    Fixed fixed edge case if more that 10 new tracks appear in back end folder ( would delete search library) fixed http stream paths that contain % date % final test for wheatstone triggers fixed mic processing when mute mic is checked fixed possibility when…

    Version 6.4.7 (05/5/23)

    Fixed fixed master search library deleting when category order log is fixed on system startup fixed order of loading crossfade times on startup fixed title repeat whe using ipass picking timeSync fixed when at end of hour while next hour loads Fixed MobileVT on iphone…

    Version 6.4.6 (04/15/23)

    FIXED 6.4.6 fixed skipping short voicetracks ( that were marked within .4 seconds of start) add wheatnet triggers input and output clear loaded vt player when loading to next hour fixed https re-streaming retry count in mobilevt server start as fail safe added view library…

    Version 6.4.2 (2/12/23)

    ADDED reshuffle daily option for music scheduler shows tracks in red that were scheduled from broken rule and shows detail of why in track notes allow commercials type categories to have a artist and title separation updated generate playlist button with icon added option in…

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