How Long Has Nextkast been around?

Nextkast started in 2012 as an internet radio automation company but soon evolved as its customers, many decade long veterans of the FM/AM radio market, moved to internet radio. This gave Nextkast a rich and experienced user base that could request features and help evolve the software to become a contender in the Radio Automation Market.

Do I need an expensive Computer/Server to run Nextkast?

NextKast is written for optimal efficiency, avoiding the inclusion of bulky, unnecessary third party libraries that consume unneeded space and CPU resources. Consequently, Nextkast doesn’t require an expensive supercomputer to deliver high performance.  Most Modern Pc’s/Servers with 2.3ghz or higher processor will run just fine.

Can Nextkast Merge Logs from Natural Log or Marketron and others?

Nextkast has a great flexibility in merging commercial logs from most popular traffic systems. The merging can occur on log creation or even manual for quick changes to advertising schedules.

Do I need seperate Music scheduler and other modules to start?

This is one of the things Nextkast OnAir has an advantage over many competitors. All functionality is included in one package, Asset Playout, Asset Scheduling, Processing, Triggers, Traffic Merging, Auto Importing, FTP Downloading,  and more are all included. This makes Nextkast onAir a smart all in one solution.

Can I use external music scheduling software with Nextkast

Yes, Nextkast can import playlist generated from most of the popular music scheduling software.

Can I REMOTE voicetrack on PC/MacOS/Web Browser?

VoiceTracking (remote and in studio), configure via files sharing, TCP direct connection or even email. Allows editing and updating of current on air hour, built in multi layer able audio FX buttons for background track,sound effects etc. Ability to configure an external audio editor to edit voicetracks directly from VT editor. Also allows for linein to be recorded with Voicetracks (call ins), local custom audio processing per VT user.  In addition each hours segue points can be customized by user. Semi-Live Remote Voicetracking, Voicetrack current hour minutes before airing. PC[available now] and MacOS[beta]

Can I Live Host Remotely? Multi Live Host?

With our latest GoLive feature the host can do their breaks from anywhere they have an internet connection from a web browser. This feature will even work from some mobile devices. We were the First to release Multi Simultaneous live host with our GoLive System. Up to 3 live host can connect , hear each other, and do a radio show all remotely.

How does Nextkast perform in Live Radio Environments?

In working one on one with many live stations we have several cool features live presenters love. For example you can prerecord a voicetrack for current hour in our playout screen even including phone calls and editing of voicetrack with external editor. A second screen can also serve as the search screen for tracks to be inserted live. The Playout only screen is now configurable and has a great workflow for the live presenter and radio host.

Can Nextkast run in a Multi network configuration (affiliates)

Nextkast has the ability to use one main station and content provider for music and voicetracks and then allow each affiliate to broadcast local imaging and commercials as needed.

Can I use Multiple Soundcards

Yes, Nextkast allows each player, sample buttons, in studio preview player, and Main Mix to be assigned to individual sound cards.

Can I switch to Satellite feeds / triggers

Yes, Nextkast can receive triggers from SAT boxes and other devices to activate program commands as well as run external audio sources through the automation when required.

Can NextKast output RDS to my transmitter

Yes, Nextkast has a simple interface to set up what information gets sent to your transmitter to take advantage of RDS.

Does Nextkast work with affiliate services Like Local Radio Networks?

Nextkast OnAir Version also integrates closely with syndicated content providers such as Local Radio Networks ( and others.

Can NextKast run in the Cloud on a Virtual Server?

YES, Nextkast has the ability to run on a windows server ( for example windows server 2012 in the ‘Cloud’) This option will allow you to run your station from a server farm with more robust internet connection and backup power etc… Instruction are on page 48 of the user manual.

How do I get Support.

With the on Air version support is included for the first 30 days. On Call support and additional remote hosting and voice tracking feature is only $49 a month.

User Manual PDF

User Manual PDF

Nextkast Radio Automation User Manual: NextKastBXUserManual

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What truly sets NEXTKAST apart, beyond its multifaceted functionalities, is the exceptional level of customer service it offers. Javier Cisneros attests that this system not only meets but exceeds the needs of a radio station, and all of this comes at an unbeatable price point.

Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend NEXTKAST – a testament to its outstanding value and utility, backed by a resounding endorsement of 1000%.

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