1. reshuffle daily option for music scheduler
  2. shows tracks in red that were scheduled from broken rule and shows detail of why in track notes
  3. allow commercials type categories to have a artist and title separation
  4. updated generate playlist button with icon
  5. added option in advanced settings to convert all music audio files to shd with embedded metadata (nkManager does this work)
  6. allowed double line text in rotation / playlist view
  7. added category sub colors
  8. divider lines in playlist views
  9. Auto VT export option now works with internal scheduler
  10. if outro of imaging is marked, nextkast will attempt to hit into until(post) on incoming track)
  11. Dynamic AGC implemented for running individual sound cards
  12. template merge can now specify day by name template, MondayMerge.tpl .. etc
  13. added option in schedule to block import of external playlist in certian hours
  14. improved PLM to include static files
  15. http encoder meta data calls removed timestamp (not needed)
  16. double click in played search to filter but clicked name
  17. show player number active in stacked player view
  18. Traffic merge asset expiration report
  19. Only remove vtJOb in MobileVT after confirmation user fully downloaded it
  20. added code that properly manages when multiple MobileVT host send vtJobs back simultaneously
  21. More detailed logging in MobileVT server
  22. Only display cart numbers in track list for onAir version


  1. break notes and nowplaying files duplicate stream encode meta data send behavior
  2. fixed static files not scheduling using ipass
  3. fixed cue sheets to handle “PREGAP” line
  4. Fixed library meta date delete when track is deleted from nextkast
  5. improved timing calculation in ipass to include cue points
  6. fixed mobileVT when using SHD files
  7. Fixed nkManager move tracks from category to category large top display
  8. fixed hit post when imaging has outro until marker
  9. fixed mobileVT bug where ‘ would cause track search insert to cause vtjob upload issue
  10. Live playlist track update only updates tracks that have not played
  11. Export vtJob when not all 24hrs are generated
  12. real time SHD encode would stop working after midnight
  13. adjusted settings window height to fit lower resolution screens