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Developed Specifically for Proffesional Broadcasters that need a Full Featured Radio Automation Solution!

All In One Solution, No Extra charge for ALL the features you NEED

We believe in giving you the most complete ALL IN ONE solution to get your station up and running. No surprise charges for the features you need, Playout, Music Scheduling, Encoders, Sound Processing, Voice Tracking,  Serial Trigger(bx) and much more is ALL included.  No need to worry about it, we have you covered from start to broadcast!
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No Extra Charge
Reliable, Stable and Efficient
Nextkast uses (in the case of mp3's) a system where all meta data and structure is kept in the trusted windows file system, thereby lowering the chance a file corruption that could  cause issues with station setup. this also makes it easy to backup an entire station onto a single usb drive including all Audio files. In addition cloud drive setup is seemless when music assests need to be shared.
Quickly Mark Cue Points
Quickly mark cue points on import window(without having to open a new window) or choose to double click on track and view a larger waveform view to more precisely markcue points. cueEditor
Powerful VoiceTracking and Remote Management
VoiceTracking VoiceTracking (remote and in studio), configure via files sharing, TCP direct connection or even email. Allows editing and updating of current on air hour, built in multi layerable audio FX buttons for background track,sound effects etc. Ability to configure an external audio editor to edit voicetracks directly from VT editor. Also allows for linein to be recorded with Voicetracks (call ins), local custom audio processing per VT user.  In addition each hours segue points can be customized by user. Semi-Live Remote Voicetracking, Voicetrack current hour minutes before airing
Playlist Macros
NextKast has several powerful playlist macros available when creating rotations. These macros allow for greater control of your playlist with  custom track play based on criteria, traffic merging at exact position, live breaks (turn on mic and count down). We have implemented this feature to be less technically challengeing but still very powerful. PlaylistMacros
Enhanced MusicMaster Nexus Integration
Music Master Logo We have fully implemented  Nexus Integration with, a industry leading scheduling software which provides real-time access to MusicMaster's database and scheduling intelligence. 
Merge Traffic/Advertising From Natural Log and Others
Easily Merge Advertising Logs from systems like Natural Log, Marketron and others. Custom integration available. money
Quick Sweepers, Fast Transitions, Supreme Audio Quality
Fast Crossfade Becuase Our Audio Engine is speficially designed for demanding use, we use as many players as needed to ge the job done. Quick transitions are not a problem. The entire audio chain in completly digitial, providing a pure, clean and superb sound experience 
Live Assists
Live Assist (Manual) Mode For Live Radio, External Search Window for Inserting tracks Live. Voice tracks can also be inserted in the current hour. Live Assist
USA Based Support and Custom Features Available
customize As a recent addition to the Radio Automation market (7 years) we are willing to work with you to achieve the technical needs you require to create amazing radio. Feel free to contact us with your custom needs...
let's talk!
Built In support for creating Station Networks that Share content

Nextkast has built in support to have 1 main station with music, imaging, ads, and Voicetracks, and then syndicate that content to many other stations all playing local imaging and commercials. One main content provider can be shared in many markets with each affiliate having the ability to localize needed content.

radio network
Livewire Software Partner

Axia LiveWire + Capable

NextKast Broadcast version supports using the Axia Line of network based audio card as well as integration with GPIO triggering and Source Switching from Software. Contact us for more details.
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