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NEXUS Integration Partner


  MusicMaster  +           BX1

 Keeping to the simplicity and power of Nextkast Broadcast Radio Automation Software, we now work with Music Master Nexus to provide

Enhanced Real-Time Integration.

Our Integration is both seemless and elegant, allowing you to harness the power of industry leading music scheduling with the simplicy and elegance of the NextKast Playout System.

  Quick, Easy, Music Library Sync

Music Can originate from the MusicMaster Database and be imported automatically, or music can be imported on the Nextkast side and sent back to Music Master, allowing for very quick setup. Music Library

  Seemless Playlist Syncronization

VoiceTracking Playlist will automatically be imported into Nextkast once generated from MusicMaster. Playlist can also be requested from the Nextkast User interface when required.


Keeping to the Nextkast workflow, when Nexus Integration is enabled, Nextkast will request Repick options via MusicMaster. Tracks in active playlist can be replaced via repick mechanism. liveAssist

  Playlist Reconciliation

Music Master Logo In Real Time Nextkast communicates with MusicMaster to reconcile every track play, making sure the scheduling process stays true to the proven Music Master process.

  Meta Data Update and Sync

Meta data can be updated on both the MusicMaster side as well as the NextKast Side. Need to correct meta data on playout, simply correct the issue in Nextkast and changes will be sent to Music Master. Tracks can Also be moved from Category to Category from the NextKast Side and Updated to MusicMaster automatically. metaData

  Great Cost to Value Proposition

Pair Music Master with Nextkast Broadcast version and get incredible value to cost. A powerful yet simple product partnership that is cost effective, provides polished sound, and Simple but Powerful.
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