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Welcome to the Nextkast Family of users,
 here is what our customers are telling us:


  • Nextkast all the way.. Hot Hitz 80's - Robert L Amos
  • I have worked with other software when I was at iHeart Radio and NextKast has some even nicer features - Edward Tooma
  • I had been using another automation and your program out performs and is definetly worth the money - Randy Skaggs
  • Our DJs are Voice Tracking from around the US using Nextkast and Love it! - Joe Agostino
  • "Thought you might like to see my "home" studio (pic attached)where I produce my program Look For A Star for 8 radio stations here in Canada using exclusively NextKast....Thank you for everything you do Winston..//Gordon Heffler"
  • My show on Channel 95 sounds like the show I did on AM radio in the 60's and 70's. Except - NextKast does all the work. Really sweet automation - Craig Stevens.
  • I've been a radio DJ for over 40 years (now retired) and used radio automation before as a Asst PD and MD.
  •  I like your software. Very easy to use
  • I have been in radio for over 30 years and used all the
  • major automation software costing 1000 to 10 of thousands of dollars. As soon as I tried nextKast it took me
  • 15 minutes to have it up and broadcasting …
  • a simple but powerful program that rivals
  • any major radio automation.
  • The next best thing the Price! Wow!
  • I like it alot simple, right to the point!
  • This is a properly the best software I have ever come accross in the 8 years I ahve been a radio host.
  • It\'s a remarkable piece of software.I love it
  • Thank You Winston the program is very user friendly!!!!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns
Winston Potgieter - NextKast

NOT accurate and bogus reviews of NextKast
We would like to bring to your attention that there is an individual spreading false and inaccurate information about our software. The reason we think his review is in accurate is because he not only bashes our software along with so many others, and then in the same review promotes his. We approached him about feedback for our software he did not respond and he even claimed I was spamming him.
Here is the link to what others say about his review.
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