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Perfect solution for the Professional Internet Radio Station
Purchase Your Copy Of NextKast Pro version

NextKast Pro Version
Price Includes activation code for nextKast PRO Version for unlimited use including free lifetime software updates

12 months Support Included for free
Free Manual Remote Voice Tracking Apps Included (PC or MacOS)
nkManager seperate manager utility included
(see version differences on download page)

Perfect solution for the Advanced Internet Radio Broadcaster
Purchase Your Copy Of NextKast Broadcast version

NextKast Broadcast Version
(with the features, performance and support of systems costing hundreds or thousands more)
Price Includes activation code for nextKast BROADCAST Version for unlimited lifetime use
Free Fully Automated Remote Voice Tracking Apps Included (PC or MacOS)
nkManager seperate manager utility included
12 months Support Included

Perfect solution for FM, AM, HD and Satellite Radio
Purchase Your Copy Of NextKast OnAir version Terrestrial License

NextKast Broadcast Version
Terrestrial License
(with the features, performance and support of systems costing hundreds or thousands more)
Price Includes activation code for nextKast BROADCAST Version for unlimited lifetime use
Includes Modules to Trigger/Switch Satellite feeds via Serial Com.
FREE Remote Voice Tracking Apps Included (PC or MacOS)
nkManager separate manager utility included
1 Month Of Support Included
Additional Support and Updates require a 1 year commitment(see below)

Monthly Options
Nextkast OnAIr Version for Terrestrial Radio Station
  • $99 a month
  • Includes prepetual PREMIUM support and updates
  • Requires 3 Months pre-payment to start
Nextkast Cloud Broadcast Version with Virtual Server and Stream Hosting Included
NextKast Cloud
  • $49 a month
  • Includes support and updates
  • Requires 2 Months pre-payment to start
  • Virtual Server with our special Virtual Server Version
  • Do live remote broadcast from anywhere using any device that can run Remote desktop (Mac, Windows, IOS,Andriod, and more (fast internet connection required)
  • Remote manage automation, no need to host at home or office
  • Reliable virtual windows hosting included
  • pre-configured Stream Encoder with unlimted listeners and up to 320k bitrate
  • requires 2 day setup 
  • email for more details

FREE NextKast Broadcast Voice Tracking Module  (requires NextKast Broadcast or Pro License)
Install and use as many VT modules as needed at no extra cost.  Our new version is Free and is included with broadcast and Pro version.

Voice Track Module
Click Picture above to view Remote VT Overview Video

OPTIONAL Purchase NextKast Yearly Phone/Email Support 
Support for One Year (up to 1 hour phone/screen share) and Email Support. 30 days Phone Support and 1yr Email Support Included with Pro License

$39 Per Year
Existing License Code (optional)

OPTIONAL FOR TERRESTRIAL(FM/AM/HD Radio) LICENSE NextKast Yearly Phone Support/Updates
Support for One Year (premium phone/emial/screen share support) . 30 Days premium phone and screen share Support Included with terrestrial license

$49 Per Month ( 1 Year Commitment )
Existing Broadcast License #

Once we have received your payment, we automatically email you an unlock code (serial code) that will register your copy of NextKast. Please make sure to check your Spam folder and allow at least 15 minutes for email. This will remove the 4000 minute total limit. Once registered you will have unlimited operation with no limitations.

NextKast Feature Matrix
Feature   Pro Version   Broadcast Version OnAir Version
Simple Rotation System runs Automatically
Schedule Rotations
No database Installation Required
Each Track Can have assignable Sweeper
Mark each track with Sweeper start, Into until, outro starts and next start
Microphone Input
Sound Proccesing
adjustable adjustable
Built In Encoders
Email Support
Run Live or Automatic
Artist and Song Seperation
Audience Pleaser uses listener tune ins/ outs to help pick tracks
Outputs nowPlaying.txt and NowPlaying.xml for use w/ external encoders
Detailed Played Log with track, Artist, and listener count
Supports .mp3 .wav .aiff .ogg .m4a .mp2 .flac audio files
Can restream other internet streams
Two Activations For ONE station ( 1 Broadcast PC, 1 Production PC)
Voice Tracking  
Remote Management and Voice Tracking
Schedule and generate Playlist from Rotations
Live Recording of Broadcast
Track Time Resctrictions (Dayparting)
Sample/FX buttons with shortcut keys
Line IN for broadcasting VIOP calls
Adjustable Sound Procesing
Simulcast Other Streams
Category types Music/Commercials/Imaging for Different Fadetimes etc
Output to Secodary Sound Card Output 
Optional Microphone AGC, EQ and Compression
Ability to attach url to track to play updated file (news casts)
Ability to use External Mixer and run through LineIN direct to Encoders
BroadCast Version Features Added:
Phone Support
Three Activations For ONE station 
Automated VTJob Import and Export with Talent Scheduling
Day Part Seperation for Music Scheduling
Artist and Title Repeat Override Per Category
Sound Card Routing For Players/Studio/FX
Playlist and Rotation Rendering and Auto FTP Upload
Playlist macros to include break notes/Playing Hooks/Goto LineIn etc.
Imaging Categories can Rotate as sweepers
Ability to override play length of any file or stream
Sub-filtering of elements in rotation like Genre, Gender, Tempo, Features when creating rotations
ability to include a category into a playlist
WebRequest Module, Allows Users to request Tracks and Annouce Name
TCP Voicetracking System/ Server Client Based System
MobileVT Browser Based Voicetracking Android/IOS/Mac/PC
iPass and Day Segment Seperation In Scheduling
Import external Logs from SPL, Music One, Music Master, and Others
OnAir Version Features Added:
Priority Phone Support
Import Traffic Logs from Natural Log and Marketron to Merge 
Serial Input Trigger from Broadcast Tools ot Compatible Contact Closures
Affiliate Mode, Easliy Syndicate Music/VT to Different Stations
MusicMaster Nexus Integrated Partner
Custom Integration and Features Available

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