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Built In Superior Sound Processing and Encoders

Built In POWERFUL Music Scheduler

Flexible Web Based Voice Tracking

Nextkast Playout Screen

Your Ultimate Solution for Seamless Internet, Online, and Terrestrial Radio Broadcasting!

Unlock the power of professional radio automation with NextKast – the cutting-edge platform designed to elevate your internet and online radio broadcasts to new heights. Seamlessly streamline your programming, enhance audience engagement, and ensure a flawless broadcasting experience. With NextKast, you’ll have at your fingertips an intuitive interface that empowers you to effortlessly manage playlists, schedule content, and integrate advertisements. Elevate your radio station brand with dynamic jingles, smooth transitions, and pure digital audio that captivates your listeners 24/7. Whether you’re a seasoned broadcaster or just starting your online radio journey, NextKast’s user-friendly features and robust tools make it the ultimate choice for optimizing your broadcasts. Join the ranks of 1000’s of successful radio broadcasters who trust NextKast to deliver top-notch automation, unparalleled reliability, and a superior listener experience. Step into the future of online radio broadcasting with NextKast – where innovation meets your passion for exceptional radio programming.

What makes NextKast Different

No Complicated Database to Set Up
No EXTRAS required All in ONE System
Modern-Full Featured Internet Radio Automation System
Internet Radio Icon

Developed by an Internet Radio Broadcaster

Makes it Easy to Create the BEST possible Online Radio Station! Stream to Shoutcast, Icecast, or Live365 Servers with built in encoder
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PROfessional Version Features INCLUDE:

Music Scheduler + Playout System + Encoder in 1, No Extras needed!
Top Of Hour Icon

Simple Top of Hour Operation

No need for complicated Top Of Hour Syncing
Well Designed User Interface icon

Clean Interface, Drag and Drop or Menu Operation

Get up and running in Minutes using our logical user interface

Powerful In studio and Remote Voice Tracking System

Voicetrack in Studio or Remotely using a wide variety of tools including MobileVT our web based remote voicetracker and native PC and MacOS apps
Podcast Icon

Built in Podcast rendering

Create a 1 hour radio podcast with voicetracks and music in minutes. This replaces audio editing programs for creating pre-recording radio shows
Audio Icon

Large variety of audio types supported

supports .mp3 .wav .aiff .ogg .m4a .mp2 .flac .mov .mp4 audio
Audio Processing Icon

Built in or DSP/VST Audio Processing

Real time Automatic Cross Fading and Silence Removal. No need to pre-process audio files which speeds up music importing fade time changes, as well as the need to mark next starts on most tracks. Supports DSP and VST audio plugins.
Innovator First Icon

We innovate with industry FIRSTS

We brought these features to Industry First 'Audience Pleaser' setting using tune-in/tune-out statistics(2012), our unique Real time Rotation Mode(2012), multi-Party goLive,(2022) BUILT in powerful scheduler(2012), Built in simple traffic scheduler(2023)

“BTW absolutely LOVE nextkast… stable stable stable
I use it for our in park radio stations for the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park” – Dave Smith

Nextkast all the way.. Hot Hitz 80’s – Robert L Amos

I have worked with other software when I was at iHeart Radio and NextKast has some even nicer features – Phill Edwards

I had been using another automation and your program out performs and is definitely worth the money – Randy Skaggs

Our DJs are Voice Tracking from around the US using Nextkast and Love it! – Joe Agostino

“Thought you might like to see my “home” studio (pic attached)where I produce my program Look For A Star for 8 radio stations here in Canada using exclusively NextKast….Thank you for everything you do Winston..//Gordon Heffler”

My show on Channel 95 PureGoldOldies.com sounds like the show I did on AM radio in the 60’s and 70’s. Except – NextKast does all the work. Really sweet automation – Craig Stevens.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customers Using Nextkast
NextKast Create rotation or Clock Screen

Have NextKast Automatically Create Playlists

  • Simple System to set up rotations (AutoDJ)
  • Once Rotation is set nextKast runs on its own
  • Schedule Rotations
  • Run Live in Manual Mode
  • Automatic Silence trim eliminates dead air
  • Adjustable Crossfade time
  • Mark tracks with sweeper start, Intro Until, Outro Start and Next Start
  • Each Track can have a custom sweeper
  • Click to Repick Feature
  • Automatically create playlist 24/7
  • Sweeper rotation feature
  • Schedule Rotations or Playlist
  • Can create and import .pls playlist files
  • Playlist Generator that uses Rotation schedule to create playlist for use in Voice Tracking
  • Much More!!

Built In Stream Encoders for your Online radio Station

  • 12 Built In Encoders (Included!)
  • Auto re-connect makes sure you stay connected
  • Stream accPlus or MP3
  • Icecast 1 and 2, Shoutcast 1 and 2, Live 365
  • Beep when disconnected
  • Use ANY stream provider
  • Send Text to Players
  • Preview music in studio without affecting broadcast
  • Artist / Song / Gender / Tempo Sepration Rules
  • Listener counts and song tune out/in Statistics
  • Re-Stream/Simulcast other web streams using .plS
  • Mic bypass direct to stream
  • Mic Enhance FX
  • Micro Caster transmit without stream provider
  • A Great Value!
NextKast Encoder Screen
No Hidden Fees Image

All In One Solution, No Extra charge for ALL the features you NEED

We believe in giving you the most complete ALL IN ONE solution to get your station up and running. No surprise charges for the features you need, Playout, Music Scheduling, Encoders, Sound Processing, Voice Tracking,  Serial Trigger(bx) and much more is ALL included.  No need to worry about it, we have you covered from start to broadcast for your online radio station!
ALL Versions

Stable, Simple, Cloud drive backup and sync friendly

Nextkast uses (in the case of mp3’s) a system where all meta data and structure is kept in the trusted windows file system(not in a database or flat file), thereby lowering the chance a file corruption that could cause issues with station setup. this also makes it easy to backup an entire station onto a single usb drive. NextKast also accepts .wav .aiff .ogg .m4a .mp2 .flac .mov .mp4 audio files.

This Also allows Nextkast to be fully synced and backed up at all times using cloud drive systems like DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive and others
ALL Versions

Hard Driver For Music Icon
User Hosting Live Radio Show

Superb Remote VoiceTracking

Using our Native PC or MacOS apps or our MobileVT web browser based voicetracking we offer superb and flexible remote voice tracking options. Allows editing and updating of current on air hour, built in multi layer able audio FX buttons for background track,sound effects etc. Ability to configure an external audio editor to edit voicetracks directly from VT editor. Also allows for linein to be recorded with Voicetracks (call ins), local custom audio processing per VT user.  In addition each hours segue points can be customized by user. Semi-Live Remote Voicetracking, Voicetrack current hour minutes before airing. PC and MacOS and MobileVT web broswser based

BX Version

Grow your Audience with our unique Audience Pleaser

Our Unique ‘Audience Pleaser’ setting using tune-in/tune-out statistics from your online station allows more
popular songs to play more often automatically (if desired and enabled), and allows user
to run statistics reports on tracks and move them from category to category in the same window.
Pro and BX Version

Music Master Nexus Integration Partner Logo

Enhanced MusicMaster Nexus Integration

We have fully implemented  Nexus Integration with MusicMaster.com, a industry leading scheduling software which provides real-time access to MusicMaster’s database and scheduling intelligence. OnAir Version ONLY

Short Elements, Lets GO!

Because Our Audio Engine is specifically designed for demanding use, we use as many players as needed to get the job done. Quick transitions are not a problem. The entire audio chain in completely digital, providing a pure, clean and superb sound experience.
Pro and BX Version

Quick crossfade Display
Playlist Macros Window

Playlist Macros

NextKast has several powerful playlist macros available
when creating rotations. These macros allow for greater control of your playlist with  custom track play based on criteria, traffic merging at exact position, live breaks (turn on mic and count down for live segment) and Much More.
BX Version

USA Based Support and Custom Features Available

As an Innovator in the  Radio Automation market we are willing to work with you to achieve the technical needs you require to create amazing radio. Feel free to contact us with your custom needs…
let’s talk!

Customize Software Icon
Affiliate mode Icon

Built In support for creating Station Networks that Share content

Nextkast has built in support to have 1 main station with music, imaging, ads, and Voicetracks, and then syndicate that content to many other stations all playing local imaging and commercials. One main content provider can be shared in many markets with each affiliate having the ability to localize needed content.
OnAir Version

Easy ReRun Option

Built in re-run schedule the can be set to re-run voicetracked hours as desired(ex. Overnight). In addition a record schedule that can automatically record live radio and save automatically.
BX Version

Rerun a Radio Program Icon
Syndication Option Icon

1 hr. Podcast / Show Syndication in 5-10 Minutes

Built in method to render a Playlist to an MP3, perfect for creating voicetracked radio shows as podcast, simply build playlist, voicetrack and then render to mp3. Cue sheet is also generated with this feature.
Pro and BX Version

Full Control of Hour Segue Points

Simple Segue editor built into the remote voice tracker, to allow remote VT talent to customize crossfade points for any hours generated playlist.
BX Version

NextKast Segue Point Screen
Move A Audio Track Icon

Don't Worry Move the Track

The ability for a  user to move songs from category to category without the need to re-generate log/playlist is default behavior.

Repick track in Current Hour

Track re-pick in generated playlist mode, you can ask nextkast to replace a song in generated playlist mode in an active hours playlist from the same category.

NextKast In Studio User Interface Image

External Mixer, No Problem!

A simple Line In method that allows the routing of sound out of Nextkast into a audio mixer, then mic and other sources are mixed, then the mixed audio is sent back into nextkast directly to the encoders.

We Listen to YOU!

We are constantly in taking feedback from customers and releasing new versions many times a year.

Quickly Mark Cue Points

Quickly mark cue points on import window(without having to open a new window) or choose to double click on track and view a larger waveform view to more precisely mark cue points.

Multi-pass Scheduling

In the Broadcast version we have multi pass scheduling/playlist generation (iPass) that allows for categories with higher priority to schedule first and lower priority categories to schedule last, this gives higher priority categories artist separation bias (desired in some formats). Also the ability to use day segment separation to force tracks to evenly distribute between all vt talent.

Real Time AutoGain

Auto-trim and segue points can be changed in real time, no need to recalculate cross fade points for entire library, those are calculated at playout. This saves time on music import and adjusting of fade times and auto trim settings.

Free Producer Utility Included

Free Management utility that allows for a separate app to manage and create Categories, Import music, Voice Track, and Much More!

Features That Make your Station Sound Professional

Adjustable Cross fade Times, Easy to implement Sweepers, Intro and Outro Marks, automatic Silence Trim, adjustable Audio Processing and many more features that give your station a professional sound.

Run In Auto-Rotation Mode (Auto DJ)

Create one rotation or many and just let them run, nextKast will separate songs and Artist automatically, and will run through and pick songs automatically. Our EXCLUSIVE Audience Pleaser feature will pick the most popular songs when enabled. Audience pleaser values can be scheduled.

Schedule Rotations or Playlists as needed

Rotations or Playlists can be scheduled to start at hour or minute or second intervals in weekly format

Built In Powerful Voice Tracking and Playlist Generation

Generate playlist up to 30 days in advance and pre-record and place voice tracks in. Playlist generator uses rotation scheduler, which makes it seamless.

Microphone Input

Run Microphone directly into nextKast, set attenuation level and mic level. Set mic to run directly to stream to avoid delay in ear. Pro and Broadcast version has selectable built in Mic Processing.

Record your shows Live

Built in recorder to record your shows and re-play them later

Assignable Audio FX buttons

Assign up to 100 sound fx buttons/music beds with shortcut keys

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