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NextKast PRO

Perfect solution for the Professional Internet Radio Station
NextKast Pro Logo
  • Designed for Professional¬†Internet Radio Broadcasting
  • Voicetracking – Remote VT and Management
  • Rotation Based System with Playlist Generation
  • Schedule Playlist and Rotations
  • Live Record, Track Time Restrictions, FX buttons
  • 12 Encoders built in
  • Adjustable Sound Processing with Sound Expander
  • Line In and Mic for Broadcasting Skype or VIOP calls
  • Output to Broadcast Audio Card (FM,AM Transmitter)
  • Designed for Pro Internet and Radio Broadcasting
  • Import 3mu/pls files from external Scheduling system
  • Quick Setup,Easy Operation
  • Manual Remote Voicetracking (pc or mac)
  • Rotation System
  • Easy Scheduling
  • Assignable Sweepers, Intro,Outro,Next Start markers
  • Adjustable Sound Processing
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Up-gradable to Broadcast Version for $200

NextKast Broadcast Version

Perfect solution Advanced Internet Radio Broadcaster
NextKast Broadcast Logo
  • Designed for Advanced Internet Radio Broadcasters
  • Included Fully Automatic Remote Voice Tracking Apps(PC[available now] and MACOS[beta] version Available) Included
  • Automated VTJob Export and Import with Talent Scheduling
  • Use external Schedulers like MusicMaster, SPL, Natural Music and others. (Nexus Integration only Available in onAir Version)
  • Sweeper scheduling
  • Daypart Separation for Music Scheduling
  • Artist and Title Repeat Times Override per Category
  • Sound Card Routing For Players/Studio/FX
  • Playlist and Rotation Rendering and auto FTP Upload
  • Playlist Macros to Include break notes, hooks, line in for satellite feeds etc..
  • Imaging Categories can rotate as sweepers
  • Ability to attach URL as stream or remote file to any audio file
  • Ability to override play length of any track
  • Sub-filtering by Genre, Gender, Tempo, and Features when creating Rotations (clocks)
  • Ability to include categories into a playlist

NextKast OnAir Version

Perfect solution For Commercial FM/AM/HD Radio Broadcaster
NextKast OnAir Logo
  • Includes all Broadcast Features Plus
  • Designed for FM/AM/HD Terrestrial Broadcasters
  • Priority USA based Phone Support
  • Merge Traffic Logs from Natural Log, Marketron, and Others
  • Serial Input Support for Syndication Trigerring via Relays
  • Affiliate Mode for Splitting Digital Streams or Distributing Syndicated content across different Markets
  • MusicMaster FULL Nexus Integrated Partner

NextKast Release History

Version 6.4.2 (2/12/23)

ADDED reshuffle daily option for music scheduler shows tracks in red that were scheduled from broken rule and shows detail of why in track notes allow commercials type categories to have a artist and title separation updated generate playlist button with icon added option in advanced settings to convert all music audio files to shd […]

Version 6.4.0 (1/2/23)

NEW delete playlist older than 5 days and voicetracks older than 21 days on home click if auto import is checked in adv settings vtjobs creation bypass ask dialog option for ‘can upload’ in MobileVT under user pofile ports now required on MobileVT (allows for multiple on single machine or IP) larger font sized and […]

Version 6.3.8 (11/13/22)

NEW goLive / MobileVT / RemoteVT (onAir and Broadcast Versions) Improvements in GoLive gui with new buttons on bottom of screen when running on desktop added sample buttons to goLive audio feed allowed insert track to goLive added move track syncing in current playlist goLive on playlist reorder resave active playlist in playout screen and […]

Version 6.2.6 (07/01/22)

7/1/22 version 6.2.6 NEW Initial release for GoLive MobileVT feature (BX and OnAIr) New playout only screen , size the two frames as preferred(All) Refreshed some GUI icons (All) New option to hide mic, linein and sweeper buttons in adv settings (All) New Stacked Player View option available in settings -> adv screen (All) added […]

Version 6.2.3 (04/21/22)

NEW New update method to fix update error when checking for update from help menu (all) Adjustable re-connect tolerance in advanced audio settings (all) FIXED Added new playlist macro file list, creates the ability to save a set of playlist macros and save them in a category (bx and Onair) Fixed unintentional fade when playing […]

Version 6.2.2 (02/13/22)

NEW Made it possible to drag and drop newly created URL files (all) Better on screen indication of when a player is player a URL or remote file FIXED Fixed bug that when a wav file with wrong tag is deleted and re-imported old tag would persist Fixed On deletion of live playlist item playlist […]

Version 6.2.0 (1/8/2022)

1/8/2021 NEW1. on lineIn press or playlist macro trigger of lineIN, selected sound card will display (BX & onAir)2. selectable soundcard on playlist macro linein (BX & onAir)3. show trigger state on main screen from satellite switcher (broadcast tools switcher or Axia GPIO) (onAir)4. Manual play button on Sweepers will also play from sweeper imaging […]

Version 6.1.7 (10/31/21)

NEW1. added RDS out for onAir version2. allow web/ftp/http embedded files to preview properly3. added category health window in song pick errors4. added axia livewire gpio trigger ability (onAir Version) FIXED1. more fixes for the case when a track starts while rotation is still loading2. remove uncheck schedule warning from nkManager3. faster song picker4. fixed […]

Version 6.1.0 (8/28/21)

NEW1. Added MobileVT Browser based voicetracking that works on PC, MAC, Iphone, Android, and Tablets (BX and onAir)2. Added OnAir version focussed on FM/AM radio (OnAir)3. Selecteable font on countdown clocks (left click for two built in options, right click for any font installed in system4. Improved various User Interface Visual Elements FIXED1. More fixes […]

Version: 6.0.11 (6/8/21)

New1. Sample buttons can be assigned to tracks to trigger at marked points. (preview track and press sample button to mark)2. Intro until displayed in playlist builder screen3. added shortcut keys ctrl-o and ctrl-s to open settings window7. rendering now allowed in nkManager4. Played history window now has live mode to show recently played and […]

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