Version History and Download Links

Version 6.4.86 (9/6/23)

NextKast Main Fixed/New

  1. New double line display in Playout and search windows and improved GUI appearance
  2. Playlist macro window opens in center os screen
  3. Updated audio processing engine and enhanced expander
  4. Added playout only mode and option to size text in playout screen (settings->adv)
  5. added onAir test to item that is playlist view
  6. Show inserted web request with orange line , logs and emails request state when email entered in settings->adv
  7. fixed serial send to include optional com port argument
  8. initial option to merge traffic from rotation instead of playlist and set hour of day in setAsTemplate command at TOH
  9. Fixed crash on mic or record voicetrack when audio input source is Mono
  10. Made track editor window Larger
  11. Fixed Record Voicetrack dialog to display properly


  1. reduced back time to preview VT to 2 seconds from 10 seconds
  2. better time calculation when long vt’s talk over long intros of songs
  3. improved UI appearance with Double line Title and Artist
  4. improved patent pending vt remark process (video attached)
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