Version History and Download Links

Version 6.5.2 (03/31/24)


  1. Improved long term stability for real time downloader to include its own dedicated thread and extra fail safes
  2. Improved LRN new track arrival when new system is set up and no tracks are in categories
  3. Fixed MusicMaster Nexus error when tracknumber is not assigned
  4. Improved library verify process on refresh button press
  5. Improved storability of stats results and played search results
  6. improved played count report in played search window
  7. Fixed csv import to include intro until marker meta data on import
  8. Blocked traffic merge during playlist generation to prevent double merging
  9. fixed order.log check to include upper case file extensions
  10. Fixed category recheck when generating from internal traffic


  1. added ability to set trigger profile from startSerialListen macro commands
  2. added ability for affiliate to receive macro triggers via meta data when simulcasting stream
  3. added check when talent is requesting vtjob to confirm its up to date, if not regenerate vtjob before its sent
  4. added csv import for full import from other automations systems that export library to csv
  5. added simple clear mapped drive in category settings
  6. improved golive interface refresh when reordering the active hour
  7. Improved traffic break times to be more accurate for NextKast Internal Traffic
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