Month: May 2023

Version 6.4.7 (5/5/23)


  1. fixed master search library deleting when category order log is fixed on system startup
  2. fixed order of loading crossfade times on startup
  3. fixed title repeat whe using ipass picking
  4. timeSync fixed when at end of hour while next hour loads
  5. Fixed MobileVT on iphone
  6. made playfromcategory to only pick audio files
  7. fixed vtexport aand vtimport buttons
  8. improved title repeat to be case insensitive and allow for decimal hour values
  9. sample buttons fade out on mobileVT longer
  10. fix playfromcategory to ignore overridetime
  11. MobileVT fix track before traffic merge
  12. made sizing better in scheduler window
  13. fixed https file streams with date variables


  1. changed duplicates to show filename
  2. store track meta data in library.db when running shd for quicker mapped drive response through vpns
  3. added moveTrackCategory in MobileVT
  4. added PD checkbox in jock profiles ( only they can see stats and move track categories)
  5. added stats view in mobilevt
  6. added the ability to auto trim silence from unmarked voicetrack files to hit post (intro until)
  7. added natural log reconcile file output
  8. added ALT button on click move menu to allow for the ability to create a copy of a file to another category
  9. more fields on export playlist to csv
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