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Version 6.4.88 (12/03/23)

12/03/2023 Version 6.4.88


  1. fix traffic tag loss when updating track regular meta data
  2. fix natural music log import to preserve category colors
  3. Fixed issue when setting Play As Voicetrack on Category Creation (only allowed after category creation)
  4. fixed click that could sometimes be heard when switching line on/off when in external mixer mode
  5. Made goLive more adaptable to lower bandwidth environments.
  6. Fixed startorStopRender macro to also allow for segment recording of live shows
  7. fixed some instances when rendering player would log divide by 0 error
  8. improved playlistmacro instances where neighboring track did not have startnext
  9. Fine Tuned switchToManualAndLineInOn
  10. Fixed bug in traffic scheduler when only two ads were available to schedule
  11. fixed Sample button would loose path
  12. fixed file overwrite error on new install when originally creating played.db3
  13. Optimized find missing file for network paths


  1. Arakis Apex Import
  2. Allowed onAir ads and Online Ads to Play separately from one System. Just create a file with same name and ” online” in the Filename The online add will only play to encoder.
  3. Added Event Game Scheduler for easily Scheduling Sports Broadcasts For a date and time,
  4. Automatically trim Silence in beginning of unmarked VoiceTracks
  5. Warning on system drive change
  6. Allows for sending serial commands to any com port not just active one
  7. warning on hide settings button
  8. Only redo preview file on name,artist,or cue marker changes
  9. Rotations can now merge traffic
  10. Increased timeout for remote stream files to 1.2 seconds
  11. GoLive remote screen now shows PlaylIst Macro Active with countdown
  12. more info logging when executing playlist macros
  13. On StartorStopRender filenames specified can now have date variables
  14. Allowed playlist macros to have millisecond duration
  15. Added ability to externally produce Voicetracks and Drag into MobileVT and Send back to Station
  16. If lineIN is on at program close Nextkast will remember setting on next app open

LPFM and Broadcast Radio Setup Support

The LPFM Store has set up hundreds of low power FM and commercial FM radio stations across the United States. We support hundreds of other installations in other parts of the world. We can assist you or your organization to start a new Radio Station – either broadcasting on a low power basis, on a commercial full-power FM frequency, or on the internet.  If you’re interested in starting up a new LPFM radio station or an FM radio station, you’re in the right place! We are broadcasters ourselves! One of the few LPFM radio broadcasters that have made the progression to obtaining a full-power FM radio frequency and operating commercially.  This journey has enabled us to offer unparalleled support through all the stages of building and operating a radio station.

More information here:

11 Quick Tips on Starting an Internet Radio Station

1. Decide On Station format
This is the most important part, make sure to pick something you are
passionate about, because it takes time to build an audience, so you will
need the drive to keep going.

2. Get stream hosting
Your stream host is the second most important part, they need to be
reliable. Luckily today most stream hosting providers would not be in
business unless they are reliable. Your stream host will be the server
that serves the stream to your listeners.

3. Decide auto DJ or Automation
Many stream host give free auto DJ functionality with their hosting
accounts. This will allow you to upload music to your stream host, and have
the auto DJ play it. Off course there are limitations to what can be done
using this setup, and off course using radio automation software will
produce a much more polished internet radio station

4. Make sure to look into licensing
Remember you will need music royalty licensing your station to pay
royalties to artist who’s songs you play.

5. List your station in directories/ Tune In Api
Once your station is running and a bit fine tuned, list your station in as
many directories you can find. From my experience these are the
directories that get you the biggest audience.

TuneIn – use the tuneIN api to get best results
iTunes – They have strict listing rules, pay attention
Any others found by Googling ‘internet radio directory’ etc..

6. Be consistent 24/7
Stream 24/7 with a consistent format. People tune in from all over the
world, and must find what they expect when they expect it.

7. Create the format/organize music
Create a format, just merely playing a list of songs probably won’t cut it.
Organize your music into categories, create clocks/rotations that create a

8. Sound Processing is important
Sound processing is important, and you will only be able to do this if you
are using radio automation software. The better your stream sounds, the
more likely you will retain listeners.

9. Voice Tracking or Live Hosting
Giving a personality to the station and talking on air now and then builds a
bond with the audience and gives you an edge, but this is work…

10. Promote at local events
Print cards and give them out at events, post banners at events, market on
social media without being annoying.

11. Be Patient
It takes time to build an audience.. your dream of 10,000 people tuning in
on launch date most probably wont happen… but if you work at it, you can
build a respectable audience size.

12. Social Media
Promoting on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram can be
very helpful to gain new listeners, but this needs to be done very carefully. Posting every song you play
on Twitter will not entice your audience, and in fact will make you loose your intended impact.
Use social media sparinglly for getting the best results.

more to come………………….

Version 6.4.86 (9/6/23)

NextKast Main Fixed/New

  1. New double line display in Playout and search windows and improved GUI appearance
  2. Playlist macro window opens in center os screen
  3. Updated audio processing engine and enhanced expander
  4. Added playout only mode and option to size text in playout screen (settings->adv)
  5. added onAir test to item that is playlist view
  6. Show inserted web request with orange line , logs and emails request state when email entered in settings->adv
  7. fixed serial send to include optional com port argument
  8. initial option to merge traffic from rotation instead of playlist and set hour of day in setAsTemplate command at TOH
  9. Fixed crash on mic or record voicetrack when audio input source is Mono
  10. Made track editor window Larger
  11. Fixed Record Voicetrack dialog to display properly


  1. reduced back time to preview VT to 2 seconds from 10 seconds
  2. better time calculation when long vt’s talk over long intros of songs
  3. improved UI appearance with Double line Title and Artist
  4. improved patent pending vt remark process (video attached)

MobileVT Remote Voice Tracking

Josh Davis from TowPath Radio

Big props to Mobile VT. Most everything on my station is pre-recorded. I was out today walking a trail, when some local news broke. From the trail, I was able to log into mobile VT on my phone and successfully upload a voice track straight to the log that played 15 minutes later. I listened back to it, and though you could tell the difference with the mic considering I used my phone, it wasn’t that much of a difference. At least not what a typical listener would notice. Solid product!

Kickin Kountry 101 Internet Radio Station

I have programmed many small, medium, and large markets over the years in FM terrestrial radio.  Just recently I took a dive into the world of digital broadcasting and wasn’t sure which product would be best for my station.  After much research, I ran across NextKast and absolutely fell in love with it!  The system is very user-friendly, it is great for doing a live shift as well as voice tracking, I love the fact that everything is all in one and you don’t have to have different products to attach to it for scheduling music, commercials, etc.  The remote VT manager has been a lifesaver for me and my team, sure there was a small learning curve but nothing like what other similar products have in the way of complexity and operations.  My team and I all love the fact that you can log in from anywhere with an internet connection and voice track your shift.  On top of that, Winston has been a huge help, he has spent countless hours on the phone and computer with me, in the beginning, showing me what I need to do, and was very helpful through it all.  I am very appreciative of what he and his team at NextKast have done to help Kickin Kountry 101 be the success it is!  We could not have done it without you!  

Shannon Steele – CEO/Program Director Kickin Kountry 101

Software Release Notes – Version 6.4.84 (8/9/23)

We’re excited to present the latest release of our software, packed with enhancements, fixes, and new features that are designed to elevate your experience. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

Fixed Issues:

  1. Resolved the issue where moving between categories in mobileVT failed to refresh the masterLibrary, ensuring smoother navigation and updates.
  2. Corrected the mishandling of insert requests, preventing incorrect placements and ensuring seamless playback transitions.
  3. Fixed the file extension inconsistency in affiliate mode, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation with various file types.
  4. Addressed the played.db3 error by implementing an automatic file deletion mechanism, ensuring uninterrupted operation.
  5. Rectified the vtplayers clearing problem, which occurred when an active hour playlist refreshes from external changes while loaded, maintaining playlist integrity.
  6. Resolved the wheatstone keep alive issue, enhancing the stability and reliability of the software.
  7. Improved the latency of the mobileVT public server display by changing the IP server, resulting in quicker retrieval of public IP information.
  8. Implemented a safeguard against the loss of traffic data by blocking normal update tags on traffic files.
  9. Fixed the crash that occurred when clicking on the edge of the assign window during traffic edit, ensuring a seamless editing experience.
  10. Addressed a small memory leak in routed sound card usage, enhancing overall system performance and stability.
  11. Refined and optimized various minor GUI elements for a more visually pleasing and intuitive user interface.
  12. Achieved compatibility with traffic logs lacking time in Block lines, ensuring smooth integration with a wider range of log formats.
  13. Removed the auto-forcing feature that caused changes to move to a new hour when a stream is active, providing more control over scheduling.
  14. Enhanced memory management in split soundcard mode, accompanied by a notice to assign mixer first, for better resource utilization.
  15. Miscellaneous optimizations have been made to further streamline performance and efficiency.
  16. Track management in mobileVT has been restricted to only the admin, ensuring better control and organization.
  17. Fixed the audio expander to function with the updated bass_fx, maintaining audio quality and performance standards.
  18. Improved the speed of updating the search library and order logs when adding files from the file explorer backend, enhancing the efficiency of the process.

New Enhancements and Features:

  1. Introducing the addition of text color options in addition to background color for categories, allowing for better visual organization and customization.
  2. In mobileVT, you can now mark the VT end by clicking on the outgoing track position, streamlining the VT marking process.
  3. Mapped categories are now indicated by a ghosted icon and gray-colored text, providing visual cues for easier navigation.
  4. The audio engine drivers have been updated, ensuring compatibility with the latest hardware and software configurations.
  5. Added support for pages within sample buttons, with each page having a dedicated sub-directory in the sample folder for improved organization.
  6. Optimized the refresh process for sample pages, resulting in quicker loading and more responsive performance.
  7. Introduced a new shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+L, which locks the user interface to the playout-only screen, enhancing user focus during live broadcasts.
  8. Expanded the availability of audio inputs from 10 to 16, providing greater flexibility in audio source management.
  9. In mobileVT, a red marker now appears on the outgoing track when clicking to remark VT end on the incoming track, allowing for accurate timing adjustments and previews.
  10. As part of track management improvements in mobileVT, only administrators are allowed to move tracks.

We hope these enhancements, fixes, and new features will greatly enhance your experience with our software. Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Version 6.4.8 (6/7/23)


  1. fixed edge case if more that 10 new tracks appear in back end folder ( would delete search library)
  2. fixed http stream paths that contain % date %
  3. final test for wheatstone triggers
  4. fixed mic processing when mute mic is checked
  5. fixed possibility when song list gets grayed out on right click
  6. Fixed erroneous red tracks if time restrictions are set
  7. set auto tempo fit to -2% to 3.5%
  8. fixed scenario when traffic gets merged after MobileVT hours tracked
  9. Optimized ram usage
  10. accounted for trackStart in vt audio preview files
  11. Enforce scheduled Audience Pleaser values when generating Playlist
  12. Fixed stats report update in mobileVT
  13. fixed audience pleaser schedule when generating playlist
  14. improved time accuracy when ipass is engaged and random is off
  15. fixed nk trying to load traffic logs in BX version
  16. fixed scenario where play as voicetrack is marked and occurs after empty playlist macro
  17. fixed traffic merge at midnight
  18. Improved time tracking when playlist generation hours are skipped
  19. Error handling on 5 day test button in category Health


  1. when mono is checked in mic settings vtplayers will play stereo track in mono
  2. Perfected live simulcast with microserver and affiliates in OnAir Version
  3. added PDF printing of Playlist
  4. Added restrict time for blocks in Traffic merge settings
  5. when ipass is enabled when you delete a generated playlist song picker unschedules tracks affected by delete
  6. added option in supersettings to choose whether track name duplicates are allowed in separate categories
  7. on new playlist generation or playlist import nk will look in mergelogs folder if no traffic log is present to automatically remerge traffic
  8. Force Block Time now uses block start time compared to mergetraffic marker time to determine merge
  9. added abovecast ais stream stats filter for custom stats call

Version 6.4.7 (5/5/23)


  1. fixed master search library deleting when category order log is fixed on system startup
  2. fixed order of loading crossfade times on startup
  3. fixed title repeat whe using ipass picking
  4. timeSync fixed when at end of hour while next hour loads
  5. Fixed MobileVT on iphone
  6. made playfromcategory to only pick audio files
  7. fixed vtexport aand vtimport buttons
  8. improved title repeat to be case insensitive and allow for decimal hour values
  9. sample buttons fade out on mobileVT longer
  10. fix playfromcategory to ignore overridetime
  11. MobileVT fix track before traffic merge
  12. made sizing better in scheduler window
  13. fixed https file streams with date variables


  1. changed duplicates to show filename
  2. store track meta data in library.db when running shd for quicker mapped drive response through vpns
  3. added moveTrackCategory in MobileVT
  4. added PD checkbox in jock profiles ( only they can see stats and move track categories)
  5. added stats view in mobilevt
  6. added the ability to auto trim silence from unmarked voicetrack files to hit post (intro until)
  7. added natural log reconcile file output
  8. added ALT button on click move menu to allow for the ability to create a copy of a file to another category
  9. more fields on export playlist to csv

Version 6.4.6 (4/15/23)

FIXED 6.4.6

  1. fixed skipping short voicetracks ( that were marked within .4 seconds of start)
  2. add wheatnet triggers input and output
  3. clear loaded vt player when loading to next hour
  4. fixed https re-streaming
  5. retry count in mobilevt server start as fail safe
  6. added view library button on MobileVT upload track
  7. improved memory usage on control drawing
  8. fixed nkmanager render process
  9. fixed rotation itemclick event when playlist are loaded
  10. made text color in rotation builder consistent with user interface

FIXED 6.4.5

  1. Fixed http streams simulcast without credentials
  2. fixed traffic apply payment
  3. fixed traffic update asset
  4. fixed PLM trigger from serial trigger
  5. fixed rare case where vtjob does not import immediately in MobileVT
  6. fixed shd date modified check
  7. fixed window height in adv settings for BX and Pro

6.4.4 Added

All Versions
1.added new Log Editor, (right click on edit of date folder on bottom of playlist rotation screen) ability to view full day generated log,traffic for day in list, insert,move,tracks and automatically save
2.Cancel option when generating hours/days ( click on status dialog to stop)
3.CSV export button now double click to avoid accidental press on color change
4.Higher row height and improved track insert in nkmanager
5.Filter types in category view (commercials, Imaging, Music) right click on refresh button generated playlist first in playlist/rotation view tracks that had to break rules to schedule in red backcolor on generated playlist
8.improved load speed of large search list in track search
9.when track gets added on backend, add to search library
10.remove click on form to hide playlist hour display form
11.check for duplicate cart numbers on backend ( not using nk front end) file arrival
12.Warning when enabling high priority mode as it requires more that 4gig of ram to run effectively
13.Added MediaTouch System Import

1.(onAir Only)Initial traffic/Commercial scheduling implementation
2.(BX and OnAir) Ability to mark categories to play as voicetracks / music bed scenario
3.(onAir Only)Allow imaging and commercial categories to also convert to SHD when enabled
4.(BX and OnAir)allow date wildcards in http and ftp stream paths
5.(onAir Only)changed genre column in search to cart# in onAir version
6.(onAir Only)break traffic import logs into blocks automatically if time between ads is more than 8 minutes (removes the need to place ‘block’ or ‘commercial break’)
7.(onAir Only)added sync capability for working with synchronizer from syncronicity
8.(onAir Only)exclude Voicetracks and LiveRecordings folder from shd conversion


  1. Breaknote functionality in MobileVT where break notes get automatically replaced by voicetracks and the track before break note loads into vt editor when clicked
  2. Highlight position of inserted track in MobileVT and close VT editor after insert
  3. allow only admins to insert view tracks/categories on MobileVT ( will take effect when new vtjobs exported and user is not admin)
  4. after VT recording delete button deletes the VT without need to confirm dialog
  5. Improved MobileVT screen to a multi-use/click button or keyboard shortcut spacebar for better VT workflow
  6. DJ name and day of week in vtJob VT files
  7. warning in mobileVT when import is requested before export of current job


All Versions

  1. Verify in manager while playout is running causes bad tracks to be moved and verify to fail (blocked operation if nextkast is running)
  2. improved search accuracy when adding and removing files from file explorer folder
  3. Fixed insert so that if you insert track that is next to play it reloads it to update next track
  4. Europe computers cannot use up down on cue time edit ( regional settings)
  5. improved speed of master library generation
  6. Fixed title repeat setting to be hours not minutes in music scheduler
  7. If last category is missing prevents endless loop
  8. fixed override title repeat per category
  9. blocked ability to render mp3 when main automation us playing out / use nkManager
  10. refined render to mp3
  11. Improved Backup Process


  1. (onAir Only)block file change reload (filewatcher) if change occurs during playlist loading
  2. (BX and OnAir)resolve scenario where there is an @ in username of ftp download
  3. (BX and OnAir)static files in clock breaks scheduler if they are last item in list when using iPass / or missing category
  4. (onAir Only)Fixed TCP send for meta data RDS systems
  5. (BX and OnAir)Fix switchTomanual with 0 time to stop automation
    6.(BX and OnAir)added reset to TOH when hour is setAsTemplate
    7.(BX and OnAir)fixes statistics report when using shd format
    8.(BX and OnAir)allow break notes to have a duration for scheduling purposes but not delay when playing out
    9.(BX and OnAir)Block static files from being dragged into rotation builder from voicetrack screen


  1. Fix intro time not saved properly into playlist in MobileVT when using iPass
  2. fix bug that would cause vtJOb in mobileVT to cause permission denied dialog
  3. Re-factor importVT job for mobileVT.. new function that does not add it to the import collection and just real time imports
  4. Truly remove vtJob from browser memory once it is sent
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