Month: May 2024

Version 6.5.4 – 6.5.5 (05/15/24-5/25/24)


  • fixed issue of missing meta data when importing new configuration from Local Radio Networks
  • fixed natural log traffic reconciliation in some edge cases
  • More time accurate break fills using Nextkast Built in traffic
  • when running in rotation mode, ignore static files on rotation unload
  • Increased timeout period on auto ftp downloads
  • fixed some edge cases when using nextkast internal traffic
  • fixed alphabetic order categories
  • fixed rendering in nkManager
  • fixed custom playlist not activating per schedule


  • enhanced email alert system to include warning about missing traffic logs, playlist log, or missing audio files
  • Added ability to append station prefix for traffic merging in station groups
  • added automatic traffic re-merge when new traffic files arrive when events/games are scheduled
  • Added total traffic scheduled during a week when assigning ad play counts in nextkast traffic scheduler
  • Added pdf export when auditing commercials played during date range using NextKast Internal traffic
  • Screen warning when deleted rotation is in the schedule and trying to run
  • added background Audio Recorder and FTP downloader (OnAir nkManager)
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