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Version 6.1.0 (8/28/21)

1. Added MobileVT Browser based voicetracking that works on PC, MAC, Iphone, Android, and Tablets (BX and onAir)
2. Added OnAir version focussed on FM/AM radio (OnAir)
3. Selecteable font on countdown clocks (left click for two built in options, right click for any font installed in system
4. Improved various User Interface Visual Elements

1. More fixes and logging for search function
2. Fixed Preview player countdown in correct row
3. fixed bug when switching from rotation mode to playlist mode in schedule after playlist edit
4. Various Marketron and Radio Traffic merging improvements (onAir Version)
5. Improved semi real time voicetracking, voice tracking current song/hour reload
6. Fixed record live 2 hour time limit

Version: 6.0.11 (6/8/21)

1. Sample buttons can be assigned to tracks to trigger at marked points. (preview track and press sample button to mark)
2. Intro until displayed in playlist builder screen

3. added shortcut keys ctrl-o and ctrl-s to open settings window7. rendering now allowed in nkManager
4. Played history window now has live mode to show recently played and update as new tracks play automatically
5. confirmation dialog when taking nextkast out of schedule mode by manually clicking a rotation or playlist


1. Fixed issues with backup and restore
2. Fixed issue when rotations reloads at same time new track starts at 59:30
3. fixed multi sound card setup where voicetracks would fade out
4. fixed .mp3 streams downloading to file
5. fixed time restrictions delete option for tracks ( deleted time blocks would act as allowed time blocks)
6. renamed skip next button to start next, more accuratly reflects its function
7. more rendering fixes 6.0.11

Version: 6.0.7 (3/17/21)

New Features
1. modified playIntroFromCategory to have the ability to include artist or title, or both
2. improved re-merging of traffic logs with already merged playlist form
natural log, marketron, and addmaster in broadcast version
3. added importing of .m4a meta tags
4. Update date time format on clock to adhere to regional setting
5. added rotation override for hours to not create playlist when using generated playlist (BX)
6. added ‘click here to search’ in playout only screen

1. Imporoved logic when inserting categories
2. imporved search library integrity when changes are made
3. fixed live365 connection string in encoder page
4. eject now ejects affiliated extra players as well
5. fixed nexus setting screen not showing settings when email alerts are enabled in broadcast version
6. Improved multi soundcard operation in broadcast version
7. Keep broadcast settings window on top at all times
8. fixed microserver link
9. Fix temp VT file location in remote folder set ups to local directory
10. fix cue sheet time past 60 minutes
11. remove vtonly and remote only options in setting (nkManager and VT app now used)
12. add end type in cue editor window, fix cue saving on new mp3 file
13. log manager and vt module different files
14. fixed error when importing wav files with tags that contain special characters
15. fixed meta-tag title send to handle more special unicode characters
16. faster unload of rotations
17. Now preserved sirc codes in mp3 files and will not send at alternate send
18. Show correct auto state when minimized
19. Fixed mic level error at 99.9
20 vtapp will load in preview mode so sample buttons can be heard
21. tunein airapi update checked state without restart

22. fixed wav tag data on track import

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