Version History and Download Links

Version: 6.0.11 (6/8/21)

1. Sample buttons can be assigned to tracks to trigger at marked points. (preview track and press sample button to mark)
2. Intro until displayed in playlist builder screen

3. added shortcut keys ctrl-o and ctrl-s to open settings window7. rendering now allowed in nkManager
4. Played history window now has live mode to show recently played and update as new tracks play automatically
5. confirmation dialog when taking nextkast out of schedule mode by manually clicking a rotation or playlist


1. Fixed issues with backup and restore
2. Fixed issue when rotations reloads at same time new track starts at 59:30
3. fixed multi sound card setup where voicetracks would fade out
4. fixed .mp3 streams downloading to file
5. fixed time restrictions delete option for tracks ( deleted time blocks would act as allowed time blocks)
6. renamed skip next button to start next, more accuratly reflects its function
7. more rendering fixes 6.0.11

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