Tag: New Music Scheduler

Version 6.5.0 (2/16/24)


  1. refined game/event scheduler to adhere to duration when needed
  2. fixed bug that would prevent plm files from being located when merging from traffic logs
  3. added menu to log edits for (live Mode, insert, delete and category stats)
  4. fixed render mode when rendering unmarked voicetrack files
  5. refined ftp download to remove urlencode not needed
  6. added logging when stream or ftp download fails
  7. better handle database error when library files gets corrupted
  8. improved startorStoprender live recording of segments
  9. added length field in playout only mode
  10. Increased recordbuffer size to increase reliability of in studio voice tracking on certain audio cards and PCs
  11. more refinement to unmarked Voicetrack silence removal in beginning of file
  12. Increased accuracy of meta data send for internal encoders
  13. Fixed scenario where VT is second track in hour
  14. Fixed scenario where startnext would fail when using goLive
  15. Improved reliability of back to back Playlist Macros after nofade out tracks
  16. Fixed scenario where MusicMaster Nexus received track with no assigned trackID (traffic)


  1. added new rules option in rotations to allow for limiting track back 2 back and total in hour of certain types
  2. took out limitation that would skip tracks shorter than .4 seconds
  3. added reset button in mobileVT to quickly update ip changes etc.
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