Tag: Simulcast

Version 6.4.8 (6/7/23)


  1. fixed edge case if more that 10 new tracks appear in back end folder ( would delete search library)
  2. fixed http stream paths that contain % date %
  3. final test for wheatstone triggers
  4. fixed mic processing when mute mic is checked
  5. fixed possibility when song list gets grayed out on right click
  6. Fixed erroneous red tracks if time restrictions are set
  7. set auto tempo fit to -2% to 3.5%
  8. fixed scenario when traffic gets merged after MobileVT hours tracked
  9. Optimized ram usage
  10. accounted for trackStart in vt audio preview files
  11. Enforce scheduled Audience Pleaser values when generating Playlist
  12. Fixed stats report update in mobileVT
  13. fixed audience pleaser schedule when generating playlist
  14. improved time accuracy when ipass is engaged and random is off
  15. fixed nk trying to load traffic logs in BX version
  16. fixed scenario where play as voicetrack is marked and occurs after empty playlist macro
  17. fixed traffic merge at midnight
  18. Improved time tracking when playlist generation hours are skipped
  19. Error handling on 5 day test button in category Health


  1. when mono is checked in mic settings vtplayers will play stereo track in mono
  2. Perfected live simulcast with microserver and affiliates in OnAir Version
  3. added PDF printing of Playlist
  4. Added restrict time for blocks in Traffic merge settings
  5. when ipass is enabled when you delete a generated playlist song picker unschedules tracks affected by delete
  6. added option in supersettings to choose whether track name duplicates are allowed in separate categories
  7. on new playlist generation or playlist import nk will look in mergelogs folder if no traffic log is present to automatically remerge traffic
  8. Force Block Time now uses block start time compared to mergetraffic marker time to determine merge
  9. added abovecast ais stream stats filter for custom stats call
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